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East Stirlingshire FC Appoint Fraser Cromar as Full-Time CEO

East Stirlingshire FC Chairman Simon Dickerson has announced that Fraser Cromar, the club’s current Community Director, will become the new full-time CEO of East Stirlingshire FC.

The appointment will be commercially financed from outside the club to ensure The Shire are in the strongest position to grow on and off the pitch in what is proving a difficult economic time for lower league clubs.

Simon said, “We are delighted to appoint Fraser in a full-time role as East Stirlingshire’s new CEO. It is phase two of the vision we set out when we joined the club - to build a sustainable Shire. By committing to a full-time position, Fraser will be building new business, sponsorship opportunities, club shop, match day experiences, sustainable Shire, and fulfilling our ambitious eco vision.”

Simon adds, “As Community Director, Fraser has already made a huge contribution to our ReWORK project seen on the front of our away shirts. We look forward to Fraser continuing this great work that helps Scottish communities by providing quality office furniture donated by TRANSDEC customers for re-use to football foundations and other charities.”

In what is a unique full-time role for a lower league side, Fraser will work alongside board members and club volunteers. Fraser said, “I’m delighted and excited to be asked to take up this ground-breaking role. I look forward to working with our board, team, fans and our commercial supporters to really make a difference to our communities and to put East Stirlingshire FC firmly on the map.”

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