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East Stirlingshire FC commits to The Million Tree Pledge

East Stirlingshire FC understand that to make a difference tomorrow, we first have to act on today. It is with this in mind that we are delighted to announce that we have committed to The Million Tree Pledge, together with the Workhorse Group family and Workhorse Generation.

Global environmental organisation, Ecologi, created the Million Tree Pledge so businesses can take real action on the climate crisis to do something remarkable in response to the climate emergency.

It's not enough to just draw down our own carbon footprints - we need to go far beyond to have the best chance of reversing climate change. Each of us have taken the pledge, and are committed to finding thousands of other people to do the same.

By coming together in this time of need, and supporting one another other to plant over 1 million trees each, we strive to be 'good ancestors' to the billions of unborn generations whose future we hold in our hands.

We understand that we are at the start of the journey with so much within the business that can still be addressed, but we are excited to be taking these steps in the right direction.

'Talk is cheap, action wins the day.'


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