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The club are comitted to its vision of a sustainable shire and to be completly carbon neutral by 2035!


be part of the vision, our sustainable journey and more by investing in 50 Tonne of ROW carbon avoidence projects such as panning renewable energy, clean water initiatives and efficient cookstoves.


Your name, chosen photo and message will also be part of the new Shire Carbon Offset section that will be coming soon the the shire website.




- Uganda

- India

- Thailand


Why fund carbon avoidance?


The best way to fund carbon emissions avoidance is by buying and retiring carbon credits from projects certified by one of the world's best carbon standards, which guarantee that the emissions avoidance wouldn't happen without the project existing. We also aim to support projects contributing to as many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as possible.



*Carbon avoidence offset through Workhorse Legacy and their Ecolgi partnership*

Rest Of The World Carbon Avoidance - 50 Tonne of Carbon

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