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Message from the Chairman

Good afternoon all and welcome to this 3pm Kick Off against Cowdenbeath at the Falkirk Stadium

It was fantastic to meet some of you at the Q&A the other Friday evening and then again at the game on the Saturday as Sandy, George and the boys put on a fantastic performance against Dalbeattie.

The passion and handwork by so many to keep this incredible club going has been inspiring and so good to witness and hear about.

We join with a shared vision to together move the club forward in a sustainable manner with longevity the short-term priority as we look forward to the 23/24 season.

A big part for us to achieve the sustainable model and build for the future is brand image, is shouting about who we are and for us to drive forward together “to get to where we are going, we must understand where we are from” and the history of the club will play a big part, this in turn will help with our commercial appearance and open more investment opportunity. A large part of our vision will also evolve around our community and environmental responsibility which is shared throughout the Workhorse Group.

You will notice on the opposite page 4 new logos that we present to you as stage 1 of our rebranding and is for you to decide, you will see the story behind each image and the thought process to origination.

In everything we do there is a story to understand and an appreciation behind it and as we move forward into this new era we can’t wait to together add to this tale.

Enjoy the game and we look forward to your thoughts on the above.


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