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The SHIRE in the Community ReWORK Project - Office Furniture That Doesn't Cost the Earth #JoinTheShireJourney

The vision and direction of East Stirlingshire FC is one of difference, one that enhances and supports, one that puts the needs of the whole community regardless of the colour of your shirt or the crest over your left breast above all else.

Something football rarely sees.

As a result, our Shire in the Community project, working alongside our ReWork partner, focuses on the incredible work already being done by foundations and charities within its community and how we as a club can support their growth in order to reach and support others.

The estimated value of the donated office furniture is over £28,000 (based on current used office furniture prices) 

We also have a focus on what is needed today in order for us to have a tomorrow and to support tomorrow's generation. This leads us to our environmental needs and the promises and pledges made.

Through the Shire in the Community ReWork Project, we are delighted to say we have been able to help a number of foundations both here in Scotland and further south in England, and as a result, we have saved them funds that would have gone towards furnishing important areas instead of allowing them to invest further into their communities.

The amount of CO2e saved by these ReWORK projects is estimated to be 15,000kg

The estimated saving (based on used furniture sales) is in the region of £28,000+. If we were to base it on new furniture prices, that cost would over double.

On top of this, by using fantastic condition re-used furniture, we have been able to further progress our pledge for a greener tomorrow by offsetting approximately 15,000kg of CO2e that would otherwise end up in landfill.

We are less than 12 months into our new journey, but we are already making a major impact! Sometimes football is a voice and a vehicle for the greater need, putting rivalry to one side. 


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